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With 14 years in experience, We provide a professional pool service in Las Vegas and Henderson.

Full Pool Services, Swimming Pools  Maintenance, Henderson, NV



We provide services only with sertified technicians


Montlhy Pool Services in Las Vegas


Full Pool Services provide a reliable weekly pool service in Las Vegas and Henderson. Each visit we make sure to maintain your water clarity and sanitation while providing complete cleaning service for your pool.

We work with certified pool technicians that will set up your equipment for optimal results from day one of service. Yes! forget about inspecting your equipment for leaks, or moving valves, we do it all for you! And we keep you informed in case of breakdowns and repairs. We are your one stop pool service and maintenance in Las Vegas and Henderson!

We perform the following services every visit once a week:

Remember...If you are looking for a reliable pool service in Las Vegas, don't hesitate and give us call! Full Pool Services is the best pool service in Las Vegas and Henderson for many years! Our commitment with you is to keep your swimming pool sparkling clean! Get the Best Realiable Pool Service in Las Vegas and Henderson.

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***First time visit for a Pool Service may include extra-fees depending on your pool size and condition.